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Nicola Sale

Nicola Sale

Senior Financial Administrator

Years in business:
2 years experience in financial administration before joining Accord in September 2011.

What do you add to client's affairs:
I provide support to our advisers so they can focus on our client's goals

Star sign:
Pisces - Intuitive, creative, empathetic

Favourite film:
It varies, I have recently enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean and the King's Speech

I enjoy Bikram yoga and cooking

Football or rugby:
Not a strong follower of either, but I would happily watch a match

A few interesting facts about Nicola:
I have participated in some extreme sports, completing the world's highest bungee jump, sky-diving over New Zealand and also hiking ice glaciers and black water rafting through caves

I have a 4ft pet python and 2 cats

I would love to see more of the world